Review Policy & Contact

I accept both physical books (preferred) and e-books for review (any format except PDF). Publishers, indie and small presses, and literary agents: if you’d like me to consider reviewing a title that fits into my taste in books (see below), feel free to send me an email. (I do not accept pitches for promo-only type posts such as book launch parties, release blitzes, etc.)

Due to the number of review requests I receive, I only respond when accepting a book for review consideration.

Genres I love:
– literary / contemporary fiction
– dystopian / post-apocalyptic
– surreal / magical realism
– speculative fiction
– women’s fiction that has a literary feel
– short stories: especially offbeat, quirky ones!
– non-fiction: memoirs, essays, parenting, faith, classical music, GLBTQIA, narrative science and history
– children’s titles that reflect a Charlotte Mason philosophy: high-quality writing, twaddle-free, living books

Genres I might consider for review:
– urban fantasy and sci-fi
– light “cozy” mysteries
– ace romance

Genres I do not accept for review:
– horror
– paranormal
– cishet romance/erotica
– thrillers
– military nonfiction
– true crime
– Christian fiction

All opinions on the books I review are my own. All books have either been purchased by me, borrowed, or given to me (ARCs, galleys, etc.) for review consideration. I am not paid for my reviews, and I will never put myself under an obligation to provide a positive review. I always provide my unbiased, honest thoughts on the books I read — good or bad. Occasionally, I will post about a book that I didn’t actually finish, but only if I’ve read enough of it to pinpoint why I set it aside and give it fair commentary.

I am not a professional writer, as you can probably tell. 😉 I do this for fun, because I love to read and share my thoughts about books with others.


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  1. I also have a book of short stories on Amazon. I notice you didn’t say you have a kindle… Or do you? If you have KDP, you could read my book free.
    If not, check out a free sample of my book on my page and I’d be happy to send you a PDF.
    The book is Its Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships. Just let me know if you’re interested. Thanks


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